Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter finally

I think we finally have winter now, 13" total last week and down as low as 22 degrees.  That is for sure winter for us. I have been waiting to have my climbing rose Cecile Brunner go dormant so I can move it (see a couple of posts below about moving the rose).  Now I hope it survived these low temps, it's not one that can get into the 20's for very long without protection.  Luckily I did protect the crown of it at least. It was really fun to have all the snow around but now it's turned back to our usual, tons of rain and more rain.  I already see the bulbs coming up for spring so I know spring is around the corner, YAY!  I love it when the days start getting longer little by little.  I have been to the nursery and the Sarcococca or commonly called Sweet Box is blooming and it smells wonderful, like jasmine. This would be great by my front door on the north side because it likes the shade and would smell so good at my entry.  Another plant I don't have and here it is just January and I want a new plant.  Just when I think I have enough plants there is always something else I "need".  Well onward we go , next stop Spring! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter dried flower project

Here's a great way to have dried flowers last longer, put in a shadow box.   You can make your own with any box about 4" deep that is the dimensions of the opening and cover with decorative tissue or handmade paper.  There is a bunch of baby roses, blue, lime and peegee hydrangea, yarrow, berries from a palm tree in this arrangement.

 Also make a box out of some heavy paper sprayed with gold paint splatter inside the box to hold the flower arrangement.  Do the arrangement first then wire the box onto the frame.  Hang in an area out of direct sunlight and in a dry area, not in a bathroom and inside of course although I took this picture outside.

This one was done years ago and given as a gift and the flowers inside finally faded. I was asked to redo the arrangement and now it's freshened up and will last for several more years.

This idea was seen in a shop years ago and it was 200.00 so I thought I would make it myself.  One of those things I saw that I really did go home and make. One time I saw a sign at a craft fair in a booth and it said "sure you can make it but will you"?  So true, I see so many things I could make but never end up doing it.