Sunday, March 9, 2014

Candelabra Primrose

Candelabra Primrose , one of my favorite shade
perennials.  They come in shades of pink, yellow
orange and lavender and have whorls of flowers
on a 18" stem, so cool. 

Art for Aizle Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland

My art above is a cotton/linen fabric that you can frame or use with
canvas stretcher bars to frame.  These are pressed flower silhouettes
with a natural linen background. Coming soon to my Spoonflower
fabric website. You can see other fabric, wallpaper, decals and gift
wrap if you click on the Spoonflower link on the right.  I am proud
to say this art will be in my step daughter and son-in-laws new restaurant
called Aizle opening this spring in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We are going to
see them soon, I can't wait, I have never been to Europe. You can check out
 their website at: