Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Front Yard Garden

New front yard garden that I made 10 feet wider so now about 15 foot wide.  I moved plants that needed more sun from the back yard to the front yard where there is full sun.  It's great to have a wide border enough to have the structure of small trees, step down to small shrubs that have both deciduous and evergreen so there is winter interest.  Then step down and add small ground covers and perennials with the same mix of evergreens and deciduous that all blooms at different times so you always have something blooming.  Then to have all summer color add in some annuals in the garden and a border.  I have people stopping by all the time to ask what a plant is in the garden, nice to get to know my neighbors. Always fun to have a big splash in the front yard.  I think it's warm and friendly to have flowers in the front yard.