Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back again finally

I have been so busy with working and with my Etsy site and now with a new site for fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap and decals.  I love fabric and I'm having fun building my new site with .   You can find my page at: 

In the garden in mid November I still have a few roses blooming, penstemon blooming and some fall color still going on.  I love living on this side of the mountains, here we are in November and still the garden has a few flowers and the ground is workable.  I still have plants in pots I have bought over summer that need to get planted but I keep putting it off still.  Leaves to rake and plants to cut back. Winter is just around the corner so I better get busy.  I even have a few blooms on my ceonothus California lilac.  Finally done at the nursery so now I can concentrate on my Etsy website for the holidays and my new fabric designs.  Also, news is next year my pressed fall leaves I sell on Etsy for Thanksgiving table décor will be featured in Better Homes and Gardens Midwest edition magazine next fall for 2014, can't wait to see what they have done with their photo shoot that is happening tomorrow.  

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