Thursday, October 11, 2012

More of Val's Garden

Inside the house is more garden goodies. This is a beautiful Green Tea glass collage hanging in the window.
I have seen this before in catalogs and always wanted one and she had it, I'm so jealous, now I must find one again someday.
Val is on the right and Sherry, another gardener is on the left under the arbor.
The Fairy miniature garden, everywhere you look there is something. I'm sure I missed something because there are so many gardens within her garden.

This is a cool sedum I have never seen before, just when you think you have see it all there is always more cool plants, love it.  I don't know the variety though so I will hopefully find this one some day. A little editing here ,finally found this one for myself at Wells Medina Nursery in Bellevue, it's called Sedum alboroseum. "Mediovariegatum" lucky me!
Garden Tools garden chocked full of antique garden tools.

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