Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ceanothus "Julia Phelps"

I bought this in a one gallon pot and it already had one trunk only about 12" high when I bought it two years ago. I kept it pruned into a topiary and now it's about 3' high and 2' wide. It is so cute, one of my favorite evergreens because of the beautiful blue flowers all over it in early summer. Also called California Lilac, it's deer resistant, fragrant and attracts butterflies. It is drought tolerant and likes partial to full sun. Hardy in zones 6-9.  I have made an effort to put some evergreen shrubs in my garden amongst my perennials so I have some winter interest and this is a favorite of mine.


  1. Thank you for posting this. My latest plant interest is Ceanothus. I've been looking for photos of Ceanothus standards as that's what I'd like to do and you've gotten one of the best forms! Would love to see what it looks like this year. Thanks again.

  2. Wow , just happened upon this at a good time just after you posted. I have been so busy I have not been on my blog. I love love ceonothus and this one was a happy accident and it is still beautiful and actually blooming with a few blooms as I just mentioned in my post today in November , nice to see, I love these blue blooms because blue is my very favorite color of all times and these have a true blue. This little gallon plant I found was not supposed to look like this but I saw potential and now it's one of my favorite evergreens in the garden. Thanks for your post, hope you find one to make into a topiary, it's really nice. Now that I think about it I must give my best friend Pam credit, she made one of these years ago and it became quite large, 4 x 4, gorgeous. One problem with ceonothus is this plant is short lived, it grows fast but only lives for 5-7 years prox. Great things is they GROW FAST so you can do it again. Good luck!

  3. Thanks! I just bought seven Ceanothus 'Victoria' to create two Ceanothus walks on either side of the house. If they grow as nice as yours I'll share pictures :)