Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Climbing Roses

These are my two favorite climbing roses even though they are both non-recurrent they are worth the show and both bloom for a long time.

Alchymist is 10-12 feet and is great trained on a fence because they want to sprawl out and the more you bend them sideways the more laterals you will get which produce the blooms. I call the flowers a powder puff, they get fatter as they mature . The color starts out apricot with swirls of pink then mature to pale peachy yellow, just gorgeous with a sweet scent. Also a disease resistant rose. zone 4-9

Constance Spry is a beauty that gets 6-12 feet and has that cabbage rose look and can get as big as a peony bloom. It's great trained up over an arbor or up a wall with support. It's a beautiful medium pink and lightens as it matures and a wonderful myrrh scent. It needs lots of space to roam. zone 5-9

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