Monday, May 23, 2016

Spoonflower fabric grey and cream leaves curtains with a burlap texture handmade graphic design

Here's a popular grey and cream fabric from my spoonflower shop that I used to make curtains. It has a texture in the design that looks like burlap and I chose the cotton linen fabric. Here is the link:   I will put up a photo soon of the actual curtains.  Wallpaper and woven removable wallpaper decals with other colors are available too on the Spoonflower site. I have some tile decal designs I will put up soon too. Some really fun pressed flower fabric to use for so many sewing projects that I will also be posting soon. I made a cotton knit pencil skirt out of my multi pressed flower design that I love too. Here is the link to that fabric :
Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on.