Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Work-Out in the Garden

     Finally it's after the 21st of December where the days gradually get longer and we are heading for spring although it's the first day of Winter. Well this is the time of year where my garden needs a little clean-up before the spring bulbs push up and I need to lose a few pounds that I gained over the holidays.  This plan worked last year, I worked an hour a day till Spring in the garden to get my work-out in (and not over do it) and little by little the garden gets ready and I get ready too for Spring, win win! 
     Only it's cold out there but I need to cover a few plants before we get even colder, supposed to get as low as 29 the rest of this week.  I need to cover some of my plants that are marginally hardy like my Dierma (Angels Fishing Rod) that I got a few years ago that was small and have been waiting for it to finally bloom, I think it is finally mature enough to bloom this year so I don't want to lose it now, can't wait to see it bloom.  I also planted some antique rose starts that I collected in a very old garden, about 30 of them and I want them to get a little extra protection too.  I'm really excited about those, some are very old varieties like the Crested Moss ( Chapeau de Napoleon) and several others.
    I have tried many coverings over the years and I find some evergreen boughs cut and laid over the crowns of plants I want to protect works well. In our wet climate here in the Pacific Northwest the boughs are loose and give some good air circulation while giving protection works best.
      So it's foggy and wet out there and about 39 degrees but once I get moving I'll be fine, it's just getting all the clothes on and out the door that's the hard part, but if I want any more of these yummy "Dream bars" that my husband made that I have already had 3 of I better get out there.  The poor birds need their feeder filled anyway so here goes.  Maybe I'll take the camera out and see what I might like to photograph and post for winter interest in the garden. 
     Happy New Year, one more day of 2012. 

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