Monday, November 26, 2012

Fly Agaric Mushroom

I have a new Amanita muscaria or commonly called Fly Agaric mushroom photo.  This one is much better, what a find.  The first time I have ever seen these was last Thanksgiving when we visited family in Oregon. I already have one posted on this blog but the one we found last year was a little mangled and old so I went this year hoping for a perfect one.   Wow, these are exactly as I imagined what I wanted, a little group of three of different sizes, how lucky is that?  This is the only group we saw on our walk, not so easy to find, I was so excited when I saw these.  Actually my husband spotted them in a fenced in field and luckily these were only a foot from the wire fence so I could get some good pics.  I always thought these were a fantasy cartoonish thing, I never knew they were a real mushroom. A perfect red and white spotted group, really a fun find!

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  1. I love those mushrooms! They look fake! Very cool. :-)