Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garden Bench

My favorite part of my part-time job is decorating around the Garden Bench and putting plants in the display that need a little extra help to sell.  Sometimes plants on the table just sit there until they are put in the display with other plants and it's fun to watch the customers stop to take them out of the display.  Even though we had few customers yesterday, the plants just flew out of the display all day as fast as I could replace them. Here is Heuchera 'Pewter Moon' and 'Encore' which sell easily on the table but they still want the ones out of the display. Along with 'Chocolate' Eupatorium, a wine colored Chrysanthemum, and Lobelia cardinalis.  The hot seller yesterday was an Aster called 'Prince' in the display between the Chrysanthemums.

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