Friday, September 30, 2011

Dried Hydrangea Wreath

This is a wreath I made from dried hydrangeas from my garden. The hydrangeas I used are "Limelight", "Annabelle",
"Nikko Blue", and "Peegee".  I pick them when they are firm to the touch not soft or they shrivel when they dry.  Then put them loosely in a vase or several vases in this case in water that is only a third filled. Keep them there for about 2 weeks or until dry and keep them out of direct sunlight.  It's easy to make the wreath, buy a grapevine wreath from any craft store and hot glue the heads all around to make it full or just do some so the grapevine shows through is nice too!  This one measures about 25" across so I used about a 18-20" wreath form.  

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