Saturday, August 13, 2011

Filipendulas, Meadow Sweet, Queen of the Prairie

These are Filipendulas, one of my favorite garden plants.

Filipendula rubra also called Meadow Sweet or Queen of the Prairie is tall 4-6' and medium pink with fluffy heads that are 4-6" across.

Filipendula ulmaria variegata has striking variegated foliage with white cream fluffy flower heads and about 3' tall.

Filipendula purpurea 'Elegans' has deep hot pink flowers and gets about 3-4' tall.

All Filipendulas like consistently moist soil, full sun, bloom late spring through summer here in the pacific northwest. Good in zones 3-8 and attract butterflies,bees and birds. The Queen of the Praire rubra spreads by underground runners and can be invasive but the others stay in a nice clump and get wide pretty fast so you have a nice size plant in no time.  Easy to share with friends or move around the garden by dividing in early spring or fall.

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  1. I love these cotton candy plants I received free at the Green Elephant plant swap in Redmond, WA a few years ago. The next one is Sat. Nov. 5 at 10am. Everyone is welcome!