Monday, July 25, 2011

Fragrant Flowers/Plants for the Perennial Garden

I got a question the other day and one of which I have been asked before and to my surprise the Sunset book didn't have a list for fragrant perennials so I walked around the nursery looking for some of my favorites to show the customer and here is what I came up with, I'm sure there is more and of course there are many shrubs too so I will add more later:

Phlox paniculata- 30" tall zone 4-8;Astilbes- various heights zone 4-8,
Cimicifuga simplex- 3' tall zones 4-9;Erysium Bowles Mauve wallflower -30" tall zone 6-9,
Agastache cana Heather Queen or Apricot Sunrise -30" tall zone 6-10,
Monarda Bee Balm -24-36" zone 4-9;Lavender angustifolia (most fragrant is "Grosso") -2-3' zone 5-9, Rosemary Tuscan Blue - 3-4' zone 7-9;Primula florindae, Giant Cowslip- 24-30" zone 3-8,
Corsican mint -ground cover (as you walk over it you can smell the mint) 1/2" zone 7-9,
Dianthus (cottage pinks)-an old fashion favorite with many varieties zone 3-8 ,
Hemerocalis Daylilys- 1-3' zone 3-9 ;Hyssopus offininalis- 18-24" zone 3-9,
Hosta (blooms) -12"-3' zone 3-9;Asiatic Lilys- 4-5' zone 5-8 ,
Convallaria majalis Lily of the Valley- 6-12" zone 3-9;Viola odorata- 6-8" zone 4-8

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